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What is a Line Cutter?

A SPURS cutter is a device fitted to the base of a propeller to protect your boat from weed, fish netting and winding lines.

How Do Cutters Work?

The principle that enables SPURS cutters to be so effective is the rotating motion created as the propeller turns, winding lines, nets or weeds directly into SPURS blades, instantly cutting before allowing entanglement or damage.

Why Should You Install At Your Next Haul Out?

    Eliminates dives to cut prop-fouling lines in freezing seas

    No more costly repairs or wasted time

    Prevents RNLI or expensive commercial towing or rescues

    No more shafts or struts torn loose that could sink your vessel

    Avoid expensive haul-outs, dry docking and diver charges

    Prevent burnt bearings and engine overload repairs