SPURS - Line and net cutter systems

THE UK’s MAIN DISTRIBUTOR for Spurs Line Cutters

Why do I need a Spurs Line Cutter?

The most reliable vessel in the word can be totally immobilised if the stern gear is fouled. Vessels and, more importantly, lives are at risk when a propeller is fouled resulting disablement and even wrecking due to a hidden danger that lies beneath the surface of the sea.

How Do Spurs Cutters Work?

SPURS® Cutters simply utilise the screw action as the propeller revolves, winding line, nets, plastic or weeds directly into the unique hardened stainless steel blade configuration that positively captures debris, instantly cutting and preventing entanglement or damage with minimal loading on the stern gear due to its patented guillotine action design.

SPURS eliminates the requirement of diving in dangerous conditions tocutfree fouled propellers or the call out of an expensive commercial tow or rescue services. SPURS® means no wasted time or costly repairs to shafts, burnt bearings, engine overodas, struts torn loose or at thevery worst the possible sinking of your vessel!

Why Should You Install Spurs At Your Next Haul Out?

  • Eliminates dives to cut prop-fouling lines in freezing seas
    No more costly repairs or wasted time
  • Prevents RNLI or expensive commercial towing or rescues
  • No more shafts or struts torn loose that could sink your vessel
  • Avoid expensive haul-outs, dry docking and diver charges
  • Prevent burnt bearings and engine overload repairs